Stay Safe With PBN Hosting

PBN Hosting – the shorter and more common name for Private Blog Network Hosting is where a group of blogs are connected, so as to promote the other blogs in the network. Today this is being preferred more than SEO hosting.

How To Stay Safe

When you are a PBN host, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to find the right blogs and content to host, in such a way that Google can rank them high. it is a competitive world and there are millions of blogs for you to choose from, not to forget the thousands that are created on a daily basis.

In such a case, if you are not safe, your network can easily be de-indexed and send all your efforts down the drain. Google sees your blogs differently than what regular people do.  This way, it can identify your network and de-index it just like it has started de-indexing SEO hosted sites.

Here are some ways in which one can be safe with this type of hosting:

Unique IP Addresses

Ensure your blogs have a unique C-class IP addresses, meaning they have different Class A, B and C addresses. Just having a different last number or a D-class IP address will put you at the risk of de-indexing as it will not pass the extra ranking power to your main site.

Unique Nameservers

It is not just the IP addresses but the nameservers are also checked by Google. Hence it is important to have different nameservers for your group of blogs, if you don’t want to get spotted. Though it is a high probability that majority of your blogs use popular hosting companies’ nameservers, try to reduce the percentage, so that it does not alert Google.

SOA Email Address

Despite having different IP addresses and nameservers, if all your domains have the same SOA Email address, it is a big tip off for Google, that all these domains are linked. This attracts the attention of Google computers and increases the risk of your network getting de-indexed. It is common to have a number of domains associated with the SOA addresses provided by the big companies. However, if too many PBN blogs are connected to the same personal SOA address, it raises a red flag for Google.

These are some of the ways in which Google checks and de-indexes group blogs. So ensure you don’t fall into any of these categories and stay safe while hosting your PBN blogs.

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